My names is Kellie-Sara Dent and I am a trained hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.


My practice which is based in Blackburn and Burnley works to help people suffering with various worries, anxieties and concerns that effect their stress levels and wellbeing as well as their daily lives. 

My main area of expertise is working with clients who suffer from the effects  of various phobia's including, but not limited to, fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of heights and also anxiety, stress and self confidence worries. However hypnotherapy can assist with a range of issues.  For a list of some of the many concerns it can help with please visit my service page or call 0754883864.


My interest in hypnotherapy started at the age of 15 when I saw a hypnotherapist to reduce my needle phobia. I am a type one diabetic who has to inject several times per day and find the experience is very distressing.  So much so I couldn't even give myself my daily injections for the first 10 years I had to rely on my parents when I was young then various machines - some of which looked (and felt) like torture devices!


This effected my health and stress levels to an extreme degree for most of my childhood and teenage years.  I was constantly fearful of the next time I had to inject and as such my control became so bad I spent a large time in hospital.


After trying numerous other ways to overcome this phobia including counselling my father suggested hypnotherapy.


The experience was so relaxing and had such a profound effect on my life and how I now administer my daily medication that my belief in the positive effects of hypnotherapy started my interest in this amazing technique.



In 2007 I saw yet another hypnotherapist when facing severe anxiety over an impending life changing operation. The results were once again amazing and I have never felt so calm in a hospital setting prior to the treatment. 


After leaving school I undertook several courses in counselling until obatining my level 3 qualification. My passion for helping people overcome their anxieties and stress then took a more 'hands on' approach in 2008 when I qualified in Indian Head Massage and then obtained qualifications in several other complementary therapies. 


My interest in hypnotherapy always stayed and in 2013 I started my training in Hypnotherapy and NLP. I qualified in Hypnotherapy, including Smoking Cesstation in 2014 and also gained a diploma in NLP.  I am also trained to level 3 in counselling.


Alongside my hypnotherapy practice I also run a complementary therapy clinic specialising in relaxation and de-stressing treatments which can be combined with hypnotherapy if so desired to give a complete holistic experience!


Previous employment includes 5 years with the NHS working in mental health within the research and development department assisting a consultant and his team.  As such I have extensive experience working with people suffering from stress, anxiety and emotional issues.

I am registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapies and the Associated Beauty Therapists and abide by their guidlines and code of ethics.

If you would like to book a consultation or discuss any issues or concerns you have please do not hesitate to contact me for a confidential no obligation consultation.