Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation in which the client has a heightened sense of awareness. The therapist uses this state of openness to replace negative thoughts or fears with positive and empowering ones to give the client a greater sense of self belief and calm.


If you are reading this then it is likely there is something in your life you wish to change or remove as it is holding you back in some way.  We use hypnotherapy to change your feelings and beliefs around these problems or phobias to enable you to ‘conquer your fears’ and move on in life in a more calm and confident way.  It is a solution based therapy working on moving forward and empowering the client to make their own changes.


Hypnotherapy is an individualistic therapy that caters to all, and can relieve and support symptoms that may cause anxiety on a day to day basis or on specific occasions. The therapy is deeply relaxing and is a natural phenomenon which opens the client up to positive suggestions and coaching.  It is a dual relationship which relies on the client being committed to change.  Despite popular belief the client has control and awareness while under hypnosis and as such no harm can come to them. 


Hypnotherapy vaires to other psychotherapy practices in that you do not necessarily need to know the root cause of the issue, also it does not require months or years of treatments to change your perception of the issue. Many people require a few sessions to notice a significant positive change in the way they feel and behave. It can also have positive change on other elements or thoughts such as a feeling of general relaxation, increase in good quality sleep and boost in self confidence even if these were not the original reason to attend.


It has been used in one form or another for thousands of years and uses elements of coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and psychology to guide a person from thoughts and actions which can be detrimental to their health and mental wellbeing into a more uplifting and positive state. 


The end goal is always to finish the therapy feeling happy, confident and that you have a long lasting positive change.