Hypnotherapy is a collection of techniques used to change a person's thought patterns for the better, creating a positive effect on their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and over all mental well-being. 


It is a form of deep relaxation in which the client has a heightened sense of awareness. The therapist uses this state of openess to replace negative thoughts, feelings or fears with positive empowering beliefs.to give the client a greater sense of self belief and calm.


Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of physical, emotional and mental issues, some of which are outlined below



This list is not extensive and should you have an issue not listed below please feel free to contact me for an informal consultation,


Weight managment, or any issues around food such as portion control or comfort eating, can be greatly helped with the use of hypnoterapy.











Hypnotherapy works on changing any anxiety or emotional issues around food or weight by accessing the subconscious mind to alter your attitude and feelings around food.

Often clients know what foods will promote good health and weight but struggle with snacking, portion control, specific food indulgence or even knowing when they are full. 


All of these issues can be addressed in the sessions as well as self image and promoting a healthy relationship with food dpeending on your concerns.


We work to create lasting changes and a deeper understanding around food and wellbeing. 


Anxiety, stress and even panic attacks have been felt by the majority of the population at some point. Money worries, job insecurity, relationship problems, expectations and many other factors can contribute to a persons anxiety levels 









Whether you are suffering from mild worry about a certain situation, or suffering from daily anxiety or even panic attacks these can all effect how you behave and react to situations and people. It can effect your confidence, social life and even cause physical symptoms such as stomach pain, headaches, nausea and ulcers.

At its most severe it can also lead to depression.


Hypnoetherapy is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, stress and panic attacks.  It uses deep relaxtion methods  to lower the physical levels of tension in the body & mind.  Whilst in this relaxed state we use hypnotherapy techniques to work on reprogramming the brain and body to remain calm in any stressful & challenging situations you may encounter or perceive.


Hypnotherapy itself calms & relaxes an overactive mind which can give you a release from any current stress &  anxiey. Self relaxations techniques are also given to be used when needed. 


Self empowerment & self confidence is also promoted during sessions to ensure you have the  self belief to cope with any challenges. 


Heights, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, spiders, flying, open spaces, snakes, moths/butterflies, thunder & lightening, dogs, germs, even zips, buttons, the colour yellow!

The list of phobia's people can suffer from is endless and the effects of phobia can be debilitating.


Having a phobia can effect a person in several ways including avoiding certain situations such as holidaying abroad so they dont have to fly. Should a person be confronted by their phobia this can cause immense physical and emotional stress including dizziness, sickness, rapid heart beat and even panic attacks and fainting.


Just thinking of what you fear can sometimes bring about anxiety and panic. 












Phobias can effect a persons social and work life not to mention the stress of the fear itself.


Hypnotherapy is a perfect technique to use to overcome phobias as it works on desensitising the reaction to the phobia and promoting a relaxed state.  A relaxed and medative state is induced before gradually working on reducing the anxiety felt around the phobia. This is done at a comfortable pace yet can have long lasting and effective results.


Giving a presentation at work, after dinner speaking, wedding speeches, job interview, presentation of awards.  Do any of these situations fill you with a feeling of dread & anxiety. 










Not everyone feels confident in strandng in front of people & giving a speach or presentation. Whether it is in font of friends, colleagues or strangers; a small group or large auditorium the feeling of anxiety can arise.


Butterflies in the stomach, dry throat, nausea, sweating palms, racing heart can all happen either prior or during these situations.


As hypnotherapy is a deep relaxed state it can start to relax & calm from the first session. Relaxation & stress reduction techniques are taught to ehlp calm the nerves & anxiety levels. 


Building self confidence & working on specific fears & concerns about public speaking or performance are dealt with during hypnopterhapy to leave you feeling more confident & self assured when carrying out your obligation.


Low self esteem or self confidence is the result of external negative influences which over time can result in questioning a persons ability and even self worth.


Low self confidence can be specific such as a lack in social situations, perfomance or image or general with an overall belief of "Im not good enough".


It effects people to varying degrees such as declining social invites to fear of pursuing relationships, careers or goals due to fear of failure. 


At its most extreme it can lead to social isolation and depression. 


As well as external influences people with low self confidence often do not take on compliments but magnify critism and also have internal negative self talk such as "I'm stupid", "why bother I will only fail", "if i try people will laugh"


As hypnotherapy works on reprogramming the subconscious mind where many of the negative self beliefs that have accumulated over time are stored it can alter a persons inner self talk and replace this with empowering and positive thoughts and images.


Finding it hard to fall asleep? Waking up duirng the night? Or waking up an hour or two before your alarm?


Most adults have suffered from insomnia at some point & 10% have chronic insomnia. 











Insomnia can effect us in varying degrees from being mildly annoying clock watching & with the odd bags under the eyes to being severe enough to effect your daily life. Clinical studies have shown a link between insomnia & depression. 


Our bodies need sleep to regenerate our bodie & minds as well as process the events & conversations that has happened to us duringthe day.


Hyponotherapy will be used to help you relax & unwind as it a natural relaxed state. Stress and worry can often contribute to or make insonmia worse so it helps to calm the mind & you will be taught self relaxation techniques to use to help yourself when insomnia strikes. 


As it works with your unconscious it can also help uncover the root cause of your insomnia if this is not consciously known & then work on reprogramming your mind to overcome these issues.


Learning to calm the mind & body before sleep can aide to reduce the frequency of insomnia & lead to restful sleep.


Hypnotehrapy can also work to overcome nightmares and night terrors. 



Do you suffer from migraine or headaches?

The pain felt by the tension of these types of pain can be debilitiating & effect day to day activities. Tension, light sensitivity, nausea, throbbing or tight pain, eye strain & inabilitiy to concentrate can all result from migraines & headaches. 











They effect individual's differently & at different levels of severity but all cause pain & discomfort.


Hypnotherapy works first to relax and soothe any tension or stress around the headache/migraine and also to ease any pain or discomfort felt. Pain managment & learning to control pain levels are carried out during sessions to enable you to control any physical sensations caused. 

Being a form of deep relaxation it can aide with causes such as stress as well as reducing any anxiety brought on by the headache/migraine.  Being a holistic form of therapy it can also work on the root causes of your pain such as change in circumstances, stress levels, lifestyle changes etc to reduce the frequency and intensity of thes painful conditions. 


Irritable Bowel Symptom (IBS) is a functional disorder of the gut which results in symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, nausea, diarrhoea & other issues around the abdomen & bowel area.


With IBS an individual's bowel is extra sensitive & the nerves & muscles do not work as they should. 

There is currently no known cure for this condition & a number of ways to manage it.


Hynpnotherapy uses relaxation techniques, soothing imagery and, as stress is a common factor & trigger. it also lowers a client's general level of anxiety.  It helps to lower the perception of pain which often accompanies the symptoms & gives positive imagery to your gut to help reliefve the negative effects of IBS. Lowering anxiety level and stress management is also incorporates into the hypnotherapy sessions.



Are you ready to quit smoking - for good?  


Whaterever your reason for giving up the habit - health, money, improving skin and hair condition or even just not wanting to stand out  in the rain! Hypnotherapy has been shown to have one of the highest success rates for smoking cessation - often more effective than  nicotine patches or will power alone.












Whilst there are many choices available to those wishing to quit smoking many of these often work by replacing one substance with another.


E-cigs are becoming a popular choice from those wanting to quit cigarettes.  However these still contain nicotine elements as well as other numerous chemicals which can be just as toxic to your health in the long term. They can also work out as expensive as cigarettes when costing the inital (and replacement devices) as well as continuing to purchase the liquid refills. Likewise just as cigarettes they are still banned from many public places so you can still find yourself out in the British weather! 



So, provided you are determined to stop smoking, you have a very high chance of stopping smoking using hypnotherapy. 


For smoking cesssation hypnotherapy uses just 2 sessions to work on  discovering how you smoke, why you smoke and the perceived benefits of smoking for you. We work on your unique patterns & reasons for smoking to produce a personalised session to break your smoking habit & help you to feel good about the positive changes you are making to your health, finances and lifestyle.



Eczema. psoriasis dermatitis, excess blushing and other skin conditions can als o be eased with hypnotherapy.


Althought these conditions are caused by physical symptoms they can often be exacerbated by stress, anxiety and worry.  


As well as the pain & discomfort which can be felt, sufferers also become concerned about their image & looks which can have a negative effect on confidence & self esteem.  Negative self imagemay even be reinforced by bullying from peers. 


This can lead to avoiding wearing certain clothes or having certain hairstyles to avoiding socialising & becoming withdrawn. Anxiety & depression can also grow within people suffering from skin conditions. 


Whilst hypnotheapy cannot cure the actual condition it can work to build self esteem & confidence empowring the client to feel more confident in themselves. It also works to reduce anxiety & stress which can lead to lowering the frequency& even the intensity of the flare ups.


It works to put the client back into a relaxed state as well as empowering them with self confidence.