Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce or overcome a range of anxieties, ailments and phobia's some of which are outlined on the Services page


I believe everyone who comes to my practice is effected by problems or worries in different ways even though the issues are similar.  Likewise everyone's experience of having hypnotherapy is unique. 

Some of my clients have been kind enough to share their personal experiences from undertaking Hypnotherapy for a variety of conditions


Thank you so much for your help. In just three hypnotherapy sessions I feel so positive and empowered. 

I have finally got control of my overspending habit, I’ve got my head out of the sand and faced up to my debt and have now taken control of my situation. 


You have helped me to change my perpective and in addition to the hypnotherapy given me practical advice that has motivated me. 


The sessions were also thoroughly relaxing and I would highly recommend you to other people. 

SL 21/06/18

I came to see Kellie, ostensibly for weight control, however she immediately recognised that my over eating was a symptom of other underlying issues and was quick to tell me so. I was impressed by her insightful and straightforward approach and thoroughly benefited from a lengthy and perfectly tailored hypnotherapy session.  I came out of the clinic feeling lighter, more confident and motivated to sort out the things in my life that I was unhappy with.  And i did exactly that.  I wholly recommend her services to anyone who is having a tough time. 

JW 17/02/17

I consulted Kellie on a couple of issues, one personal and the other for work-based anxiety, which had affected me for so long that I felt they were chronic conditions which couldn’t really be alleviated.


I had only 3 sessions, which is testimony to how quickly I felt comfortable in confiding in Kellie and agreeing a strategy. Kellie was honest in saying that hypnotherapy should deliver fairly quick results, and this is indeed my experience.


Some weeks later, I continue to feel a marked improvement when faced with situations that would previously have brought considerable dread. I am not so complacent as to think I may not slip back in the future, but knowing I can contact Kellie as and when I need is very reassuring to me.


GT 02/11/16

I started with anxiety about a year ago. I would panic about everything and anything. My life was full of what ifs and I thought everything was going to be the worst case scenario. This is when I decided to come to Kellie. On my first session I was extremely anxious and straight away Kellie made me feel at ease. After the first session I felt a difference straight away!! I felt relaxed and started question my what ifs and wondering whether they were actually as bad as I thought. All together I have had 4 sessions and i can honestly say they have truly helped me. Although it hasn't cured anxiety it has helped me to get it down to a minimum level and helped me to be a lot more realistic about things. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about with hypnotherapy and I can honestly say it is one of the best choices I have made coming to see kellie. It has helped me so much and I feel like a different person than I was 4/5 months ago. I would defiantly say. Don't leave it too late!! Sort the problem before it gets out of hand!!

I'd like to say a massive Thankyou to kellie.

I honestly can't Thankyou enough!!!!

OR 07/07/16

Flying Phobia
Weight Management

Kellie is absolutely fantastic. I was dubious about hypnotherapy but needed to do something different from drinking vodka when I flew so decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I did!

I had to fly on my own a couple of weeks after my therapy finished and I was so proud of myself for how less anxious and panicked I was. This has gradually increased with every flight and now I can't wait to go on holiday again!

I've now started seeing Kellie again for relaxation and know this will be just as successful.


Thanks Kellie

TB 27/05/16

I was looking for a lady hypnotherapist to help me to make healthier eating choices and identify triggers for my increasing weight.


I found Kellie to be very professional, a great listener.  She took my thoughts and needs into consideration and built them into my hypnotherapy sessions. I engaged with all my sessions and I must say that they have worked really well for me.


I would highly recommend Kellie to anyone seeking a friendly and helpful hypnotherapist. 

AV 10/07/18


This client texted me whilst on holiday following hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

I was loads better on the flight even during a spot of turbulence I dealt with it. 

(My husband) said "I can't believe how much it's worked" and her son said "I've never flown with you where you have been this calm". 

So massive thanks to you Kellie 

CM 26/10/15