About Me - Kellie Dent


What would you like to know about your therapist?

I think most people want to know if their therapist is fully qualified in the therapies they carry out and how long they have been practising these treatments.


For me the first treatment I qualified in was Indian Head Massage after having them myself and realising the wonderful relaxing and de-stressing properties of this gentle yet effective massage technique. I qualified in 2008 and this therapy remains the most popular among my returning clients.


Eastern culture and philosopy have always interested me as I have insulin dependent diabetes which can lead to various other complications and ailments. I often find that any condition I get is always attributed to my diabetes and that it can be solved with medication.  However I have found that many things effect my body and diabetic control including diet, environment, emotions, stress and mental wellbeing. Therefore I looked to alternative therapies to help with my condition as well as continuing with the prescribed medication for my diabetes*


Indian Head massage I found to aide me in relaxation and getting a good nights sleep which all help to maintain a healthy body and mind.


From that I also tried and then learnt Reiki. This hands-off treatment works with the bodies own energy system to quicken the bodies healing and restore balance and harmony not only with mind and body but also a persons emotions and spirit.


Hopi ear candling or Thermal Auricular Therapy intrigued me after having the therapy following an intense cold and found it cleared my head and sinuses. I have clients who come for ear infections, blocked ears and tinnitus.


Being a diabetic i do find myself in hospital on occasions for various treatments and operations. Having an intense phobia of hospitals and operations caused me lots of mental anquish prior to receiving any treatments.  Therefore I sought the assistance of hypnotherapists over the years and found the results to be so dramatic and  conclusive that last year I undertook training in this field also and qualified in February 2014.


My background includes working for the NHS within mental health  assisting consultants on research projects including post natal depression, psychosis and substance misuse. I also worked within the Children and Famillies network.



I have a deep passion and belief in the healing properties of the therapies I provide and carry out all treatments with the health and wellbeing of the client as my priority.


As stated I am fully qualified in the therapies I carry out and am a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.



And if there is anything else you would like to know about me or the treatments I offer or if you would like to book an appointment please go to the contact page for details.


* NOTE: I do not recommend the stopping of any medication or treatments given to a client by other healthcare professionals and would recommend that anyone with an underlying or ongoing health problem seek the adivce of your doctor before commencing any complementary therapy. If you are unsure about any health concerns please feel free to contact me in advance.