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This page gives an overview of where Hypnotherapy originated from, what these holistic treatments can be used for and what preparation is needed. If you need any further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me




Hypnotherapy is a collection of techniques used to change a person's thought patterns for the better, creating a positive effect on their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and over all mental well-being.


NOTE: If you would like more details specifically on hypnotherapy I have a website set up that focuses on this particular therapy

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Hypotherapy is a form of relaxation in which the client has a heightened sense of awareness. The therapist uses this state of openness to replace negative thoughts with positive and empowering ones to give the client a greater sense of self belief and calm.



If you are reading this then it is likely there is something in your life you wish to change or remove as it is holding you back in some way.  We use hypnotherapy to change your feelings and beliefs around these problems or phobias to enable you to  'conquer your fears' and move on in life in a more calm and confident way. It is a solution based therapy working on moving forward and empowering the client to make their own changes. 


Hypnotherapy is an individualistic therapy that caters for all, and can relieve and support symptoms that may cause struggle on a day to day basis.  The therapy is  deeply relaxing and is a natural phenomenon which opens the client up to positive suggestions and coaching. It is a dual relationship which relies on the client being comitted to change. Despite popular belief the client has control and awareness while under hypnosis and as such no harm can come to them nor can a therapist make a client do anything they do not wish or uncover secrets they wish to remain private. You are also able to come out of the hypnotic state at any time should you so wish but will be fully supported and guided by your therapist throughout the sessions as we are committed only to improving your situation and life. 


It has been used in one form or another for thousands of years and uses elements of coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychology to guide a person from thoughts and actions which can be detremental to their health and mental wellbeing into a more uplifting and positive state. 


The end goal is always to finish the therapy feeling happy, confident and that you have a long lasting positive change. 




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What are the other benefits of Hypnotherapy?


Some of the many other issues which can be treated by hypnotherapy include:


  • Phobias and fears - flying, heights, animals

  • Anxiety around public speaking

  • Reduces stress

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety/Panic attacks

  • Smoking Cesstation

  • Weight Management

  • Reduce insomnia and promote restful sleep

  • Increase in concentration - especially in exam stress and interiews

  • Relief from Depression

  • Nail biting

  • Snoring

  • Confidence and Self Belief

  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Pain management

  • Dental fear/phobia

  • Migraines/Tension head

  • Recurrent Nightmares

  • Stammering

  • PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Emotional Issues/Worries

  • Examination Nerves/Driving Test Fear



What is involved in a Hypnotherapy Session?


Hypnotherapy sessions are focused on the goals the client wishes to achieve through this therapy. Things such as being able to go abroad after overcoming flying phobia, quiting smoking for better health or to save money, stop cravings, feel more confident, being able to give presentations at work after over coming a fear of public speaking, overcoming extreme dental/dentist fears etc are just a few goals that can be achieved by hypnotherapy.


The first session will be mainly focused on finding out more about the issue or phobia you wish to resolve, looking at factors which may have caused it or are contributing to it now and what you want to have achieved by the end of the therapy.  A simple relaxation technique will be used to get you familiar with the process for future sessions. Any concerns or questions you have regarding the therapy or techniques can also be addressed to ensure you are confident and informed on everything involved.  


Further sessions will revolve around coaching and hypnotherapy techniques to help you to replace any negative thinking with positive thoughts which will then change your behaviours and actions for the better leaving you feeling more confident and relaxed for the future. 


While hypnotherapy uses many of the same basic techniques, we are aware that each client is unique and whatever issue you want resolving will affect you on an individual level.  Therefore the therapy is tailored to assist you in making changes at your own pace and style to ensure the results are right for you. 


Depending on the nature of the issue or phobia as well as how deep set the subsequent problems you have/are facing will determine the number of sessions required and these will be discussed in your initial session. 


NOTE that the smoking cessation therapy is covered over two sessions. Please see further down for more information.


Sessions are carried out in a seated position and as they can last upto an hour it is advisable to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. 




There are some concerns and worries people sometimes have over having a hypnotherapy session which have been populated by culture, media or urban myth. I have addressed some of these below but please feel free to discuss any concerns you have either when booking your first appointment or at your initial session:



  • A person has no control over themselves when under hypnosis - the whole aim of hypnotherapy is to put the client back in control of their wellbeing and thoughts. A good hypnotherapist uses the therapy to help the client into positive ways of thinking and acting and will never cause harm either mentally or psychologically to a client.

  • Fear of 'over sharing' information when under hypnosis - in hypnosis the client is in a deep relaxation trance however they have full access to their own actions therefore if there is informaiton you do not wish to share this will not automatically become available while under hypnosis. A hypntherapist may seek to gain further understanding of an issue to help them assist you in resolving this but it is upto the client how much information is shared at all times.

  • Fear of being permanently hypnotised - as previously mentioned a client is under control throughout the session and can come out of hte hypnotic trance at any time should they feel the need. A good hypnotherapist will take their time with clients and explain everything prior to the client going into a hypnotic state as well as ensuring their client is mentally safe while under hypnosis but a client will always have the option to come out before the seesion ends if they so wish.

  • Clucking like a chicken! - Hypnotherapy is very different from stage hypnosis and this therapy is not done for amusment purposes but to help a client reach a positive outcome.




Smoking Cessation















Smoking Cessation through the use of hypnotherapy has proven to be an effective method used by many people. 



Even  celebrities such as Ben Affleck who smoked for 20 years, Ewan McGregor and Matt Damon all used hypnosis to give up smoking!


Though there are many options open to those wishing to quit smoking such as patches, 'cold turkey' , GP assistance and the E-cig which is gaining popularity;. these often work on a replacement or withdrawl tactic which some people find does not work for them. Although very popular at the moment the E-ciggs are replacing one habit with another and there is not enough studies available on the long term effects of these prroducts which still contain the highly addictive Nicotine substance. As such many of these options could still have negative health effects. 


Hypotherapy techniques are different in that they work by changing a persons subconscious where the deep rooted habits and behaviours are stored. It changes the  desire to want to smoke with a more postive outlook towards the many benefits of not smoking.  Like all hypnotherapy treatments we work towards the outcome and goal rather than the negaive effects smoking has on you.  


You are not loosing a babit but rather improving your life!  







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