Male Body Shame

Women have for a long time complained of the amount of pressure they feel from the models and actresses shown in magazines etc.

However a new trend is emerging where young men are also feeling the pressure from seeing these images.

Mens magazines and the images shown on TV, films and other media is resulting in an increase in body consciousness in young men. Findings from research body Mintel reveals that 17% of men aged 16-24 feel insecure about their appearance as a result of male models in advertising campaigns.

This can lead to more serious issues long term such as low confidence, eating disorders and even extreme measures such as plastic surgery.

Thankfully the research also showed that 25% of men find it difficult to identify with these images and 22% state that the images are too sterotypical. Also for us ladies 27& said the images of female models were sexist and cliched.

However 45% of men surveyed also said improving their body image was more important than long-term relationships or marriage.

If you have concerns (women or men) about your body image or any self confidence issues, hypnotherapy can be of help to boost self esteem and love of the body you were born with!

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