Hypnotherapy helps 12year old fly home!

In 2013 a 12 year old boy returned back to the UK after being stranded in Abu Dhabi for over a year!


The boy developed the phobia after having ear problems on the flight out to Abu Dhabi and after seeking a course of hypnotherapy finally managed to board a plane to return home.

Whilst you may feel being stranded abroad is not the worst thing that can happen it does cause an awful lot of problems with every day life and is not what most people expect at the end of their holidays.

Although you or anyone you know who is frightened or phobic about travelling by aeroplane might not have such an extreme case it can still be an awfully traumatic experience. This phobia can impact holidays for weeks if not months prior to departure, ruin the holiday thinking of the return flight, and in some cases prevent people travelling abroad by flight completely!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can be used to reduce if not completely remove a persons fear and anxiety about flying.

Contact 07548883864 or email via the contact page for more details and an informal consultation.


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