Mediterranean Diet could Reduce Risk of Depression

Depression effects a large number of people in this hectic modern day life. Antiderpessants are of ten prescriped but can become addictive and often people end up on them for months or even years. These in themselves have their side effects which can lead to furhter medication.

Alternatives including exercise, changing your diet and also self care can help to easethe symptoms of depression.

A new study, which involved more than 15,000 people, found that a diet loaded with fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts and olive oil, and has less processed meat, could prevent the onset of depression.

The findings, published in the journal BMC Medicine, suggest that people who eat more of foods high in omega-4 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals were less likely to develop depression.

For the study, the researchers examined the impact of three major diets on mental health: the Pro-vegetarian Dietary Pattern; the Alternative Healthy Eating Index-2010 and the Mediterranean diet. After 10 years, participants were asked to complete surveys on their diet.

According to the study investigators, the nutrients and food items such as omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and moderate alcohol could be responsible for cutting the risk of depression.

’We wanted to understand what role nutrition plays in mental health, as we believe certain dietary patterns could protect our minds.

’These diets are all associated with physical health benefits and now we find that they could have a positive effect.

According to the researchers, even moderate adherence to the Mediterranean diet has been associated to significant reduction in the risk of depression.

So if you are starting to feel the weight of depression why not make some small changes to your diet, increase your activity levels even if just a gentle walk in the evening and give yourself a bit of self care by having regular massages as human touch can also be a powerful antidepressant!

Source of this article: A Mediterranean diet fights off depression: Loading up on fruit, veg, nuts and olive oil helps ward off illness - basis of this article is taken from

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