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Massage and Pregnancy

Many mothers-to-be are concerned about having massage during pregnancy, however this soothing technique can be a huge benefit to mums suffering from back pain, aches and pain during pregnancy.

There are a number of resarch papers which warn of the dangers to the unborn child of having massage especially one using essential oils. However a professional masseuse is able to tailor their procedure and techniques to ensure the safety and pleasure of their client and her child.

Indian Head Massage is a seated massage using plain oils such as Coconut or Sweet Almond oil on the skin and hair. It focuses on the upper body including back, shoulders, neck, head and face to induce relaxation, ease muscle pain and tension and even promote restful sleep.

When treating a pregnant client Indian Head massage is more comfortable than other massages as it is done in a seated position rather than having to lie your back or 'bump' which can be uncomfortable after a while. If sitting is also uncomfortable it can be modified with the client lying on the therapy couch on their side with baby supported by pillows.

The oils used in Indian Head Massage are often unscented and there is no conclusive evidence they effect unborn children especially as the oils are not applied to the front of the body (apart from the face). However I often substitute oils for unscented moisturiser to have the same soothing effect. Mother can also bring along her own creams or oils she uses during pregnancy if she so wishes to personalise the treatment.

There is also inconclusive reports stating that massage should not be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy due to this being a significant stage of development for the baby.

Again there are conflicting reports on the accuracy of this belief however to err on the side of caution for me and my clients I do recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester before booking an Indian Head Massage treatment with myself.

Indian Head Massage can be a wonderful aide to the stresses and sometimes discomfort of such a blessing as pregnancy and I would ensure that any client seeking this therapy with myself would be made to feel comfortable, supported and pampered during her therapy session.

If you have any queries on this please do not hesitate to email me via the contact page or call 07548883864 to discuss further.

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